We’re injection moulding experts

At LÖSCH we’re known to take on challenges. Nothing motivates us as much as a project which still requires a solution for implementation. We strongly believe anything’s possible. This attitude has made us the industry expert known internationally for its quality.

Quality comes at a cost

To be a top performer you must be willing to overstep your limits. At LÖSCH, being good isn’t good enough. We’re constantly questioning the current status quo of materials and machinery and use every opportunity, big or small, to improve. It may  be exhausting. But it’s worth it.

Our employees

It’s our employees who make LÖSCH what it is. Their ingenuity, their engineering skills and their commitment to delivering top performance shape the our company’s culture each and every day.

Industry focus

Top performance requires clear focus. You need to now your raw materials, process and machinery to constantly push the limits. Of course it’s also key to have a detailed understanding of the customer and his industry.